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“Servus!” That’s Bavarian for “Hi!” Here in Pretzel Land the people are busily at work on their village. Join in and help out! Build homes, farms, butcher’s shops, bakeries, a brewery, a beer garden and lots of other buildings you can use to manufacture all kinds of products. Complete different orders each day in order to earn coins you can use to erect and improve more buildings. Find kind neighbours and take care of special tasks in the village community. Watch the inhabitants as they bustle about your village, work, celebrate, yodel, dance and slap the “Schuhplattler”.

Release date available
Platforms iOS, Android
Genre Building game
Players 1
Age ratings USK 6


  • Building game set in beautiful Bavaria
  • Detailed graphic artwork with a loving eye and a high hustlebustle factor
  • Wide variety of tasks in producing typically Bavarian goods
  • Village communities achieve goals jointly for more rewards
  • Regularly scheduled events, for example on holidays, add greater variety to the game
  • Completely Free to Play