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They are all after you - behind the convict, who just managed to flee from an accidental transport ship. “All of them” means heavily armed police, soldiers, nasty aliens and deadly robots. Make your way through the approaching hordes, fight through violent explosions and blazing fire, and try not to go under in this endless orgy of brute force.

From a bird's eye view, you can see the huge battlefield in which you are moving: the surface of whole planets, which turn in perspective with you. After fighting your way through one planet, the transport capsule will take you to the next one.

Discover an entire galaxy of randomly generated new planets with different surfaces and conditions. Be sure to use the many upgrades that keep you on your way. Because you have only one goal - survival!

Release Date Q3/2019
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Genre Rogue-like, Twin-Stick Shooter
Players 1-2
Age ratings Pending


  • Gripping rogue-like action
  • Endless planets to discover
  • Gigantic boss fights
  • Tons of weapons and upgrades