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The thrilling story of this Action Adventure told in comic-style sequences leads you into the frosty Nordic world of legends. As the Viking warrior-berserker Kveldulver you set off to prevent Ragnarök, the end of the world. Explore bleak winter landscapes, discover secret zones, compete against hordes of enemies and defeat huge trolls and the most horrifying monsters of the North. Fight for the honour, fight for Odin!

Release date 28 Feb. 2019
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Genre Action Adventure
Players 1
Age ratings USK 16, PEGI 16


  • Use an elaborate but easyto-learn system of weapons to fight against Vikings.
  • Ally yourself with other warriors to jointly vanquish trolls as tall as trees.
  • Give thought to your decisions and experience how they influence the path your story takes.
  • Use the timeline tree to return to any point on your journey.
  • Use artefacts from the most distant past in combat against the mighty Jötunen, a race of giants, older than than the gods themselves!

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