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New Adventures on Kaltenbach Ranch: A fire in a shelter has left Windstorm, a stallion, skittish and out of sorts. Not even Mika can help him. But then perky Ari arrives on the on the ranch. Although she has no riding experience to speak of, she quickly makes friends with Windstorm. Mr Kaan teaches the girl how to properly groom a horse and how to sit correctly in the saddle. Will Ari learn to ride as fast as Mika before her? Will she be able to help poor Windstorm become his old self again? And what's behind the legend of the horse warrior that Mr Kaan talked about?

Release March 2019
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Genre Action-Adventure, Riding
Players 1
Age Rating PEGI 3


  • Play the official adventure based on the new movie
  • Explore a huge world full of breathtakingly lovely new settings
  • Groom and ride your favourite stallion Windstorm
  • Master dozens of wide-ranging, highly varied missions
  • Meet the characters from the book and movie, and get to know lots of new friends
  • Discover awesome new features, for instance the exciting archery ability


Jump back on the saddle starting March 28th

From March 2019: New Windstorm Game brings completely new features and lots of adventure