Battle Planet – Judgement Day: A Peek Behind the Curtains of the Arcade Shooter

2020-01-27T10:16:18+00:00September 26th, 2019|news|

Before Battle Planet – Judgement Day officially launches on October 17 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, developer THREAKS is offering a peek behind curtains of the game. In a new developer commentary video, Art Director Max Schulz and Programmer Henning Steinbock cover some of the interesting technical aspects of Battle Planet – Judgement Day:


The roguelite, top-down shooter by publisher Wild River is set on a series of randomly generated planets. In order to create these unusual, spherical levels in the Unity engine, the development team had to test a variety of custom approaches to physics, lighting and shading to make sure they created the right atmosphere for different events, enemies and biomes.

Story and features

Taking the role of a wanted criminal, players engage in a chaotic chase through the depths of space. They will need to shoot their way through endless hordes of military units, robots and aliens that block their path through a series of ever-changing planets. Players control events from a top-down perspective, which centers on the main character while the planet surface moves around them. In this thrilling action game, players never know what to expect – each session is different from the last.