Ghost Tappers – new Halloween Assets available

2020-01-27T11:27:57+00:0030. 10. 2018|news|

There is a perfect game for celebrating Halloween tomorrow: as a bold agent of the ghost hunting organization S.C.O.T.C.H., smartphone and tablet players hunt ghosts and monsters in the free-to-play idle game Ghost Tappers available for iOS and Android devices. In order to prove their existence to the world and systematically catalogue them, players have to sneak up on the ghosts and snap their picture. Inventive items like “Mocktails” – magical cocktails – as well as animal companions and a fast-tapping finger are helpful along the way.

The spooky yet light-hearted ghost game released by Wild River, the gaming label by EuroVideo Medien GmbH, presents players with a virtually endless array of crazy monsters that humorously reference pop culture and give you something to smile about. What’s more, Ghost Tappers is high on replay value and long term gameplay fun as it awakens your hunting instinct and turns you into a part time ghost hunter.