The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes – new Gameplay-Video

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A new, epic adventure awaits you in Aventuria. While the PC RPG The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes is still gearing up for its release in 2020, developer Random Potion and publisher Wild River Games have released a first gameplay video to give you a glimpse of the current state of the game.

A totally new adaptation of the long-running pen-and-paper ruleset The Dark Eye, Book of Heroes offers a unique roleplay experience for teams of up to four players. Featuring fast and intense dungeon crawls through dynamically generated maps as well as many familiar characters, locations and events from the The Dark Eye universe, The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes promises an exciting experience that will charm fans of fantasy and role playing games all over the world.

bayala – The game is available today for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

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Starting today, the magical fantasy world of bayala by the renowned toy manufacturer Schleich can be entered and admired interactively. The fantastic adventure game bayala – The Game has just been released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch to accompany the animated film bayala – a magical adventure (Ulysses Filmproduktion; UK release planned for 2020), coming today to cinemas in Germany and soon all across Europe. If you’re crazy about fantasy worlds and magical creatures such as fairies and elves, this is your game. Join the brave sun elf Surah and her friends on their awesome magical adventures with the help of just your mouse or game controller.

Travel with Surah and her friends Sera, Jaro and Marween from the city of the sun elves to the shadow elves’ Castle. Help them keep the Queen of the Shadowelves from using the magical dragon eggs she has stolen to destroy the balance of nature in bayala. On their journey through enchanting landscapes, the elven heroes have to take numerous quests, solve tricky puzzles and repeatedly prove their skills. You should also be good on horseback, because there are always exciting riding tasks and even separate riding levels to pass.

Battle Planet – Judgement Day: A Peek Behind the Curtains of the Arcade Shooter

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Before Battle Planet – Judgement Day officially launches on October 17 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, developer THREAKS is offering a peek behind curtains of the game. In a new developer commentary video, Art Director Max Schulz and Programmer Henning Steinbock cover some of the interesting technical aspects of Battle Planet – Judgement Day:


The roguelite, top-down shooter by publisher Wild River is set on a series of randomly generated planets. In order to create these unusual, spherical levels in the Unity engine, the development team had to test a variety of custom approaches to physics, lighting and shading to make sure they created the right atmosphere for different events, enemies and biomes.

Story and features

Taking the role of a wanted criminal, players engage in a chaotic chase through the depths of space. They will need to shoot their way through endless hordes of military units, robots and aliens that block their path through a series of ever-changing planets. Players control events from a top-down perspective, which centers on the main character while the planet surface moves around them. In this thrilling action game, players never know what to expect – each session is different from the last.

Elves, Unicorns and plenty of Magic

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The official bayala Game to be released along with the Film for PC and Consoles.

This autumn, a fantasy world full of magic and dreams will emerge from the toybox and into the movie theaters and virtual world. In October, Wild River, the gaming label of Munich-based EuroVideo Medien GmbH, will launch its magical adventure game bayala. The game is based on the feature film of the same name which comes out that same day. Fans of the popular bayala figures from Schleich will be able to experience their heroes and heroines along with all the other magical creatures not only on the big screen but in an exciting interactive adventure on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The game will also satisfy casual gamers with its easily accessible gameplay and sophisticated and beautiful graphics.

The story: players embark on an epic journey as Surah, the Sun Elf, along with her friends Sera, Jaro and Marween. Their adventure begins in Soleyas, the city of Sun Elves, and takes them to the Shadow Elf Castle where they must stop Ophira, the queen of the Shadow Elves. She has stolen the magical dragon eggs from all elven tribes, thusly destroying the balance of nature in the elven world of bayala. During their journey through bayala, Surah and her friends must complete numerous quests, solve puzzles and prove their dexterity through various skilled challenges. There are always opportunities for riding and even specific riding levels.

“The fantasy world of bayala is unbelievably inspired, but was previously almost only accessible through the figures from Schleich,” explained Emely Christians, Managing Director of Ulysses Film Production, the company behind the bayala feature film. “With our feature film, we want to open up this magical world that has already enchanted us to a much wider audience,” Christians adds with a wink.

“bayala is a world which is as unique as it is impressive, with unbelievable potential,” says Marc Wardenga, Head of Games at Wild River, and adds: “We are convinced that with this game, in combination with the feature film, we will be able to boost the forward momentum of the brand that will leave a lasting impact on the target group.”

TELEPOOL Invests in Games Development

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TELEPOOL’s gaming label Wild River Games becomes a full spectrum self-developing games publisher with acquisition of Munich-based game developer Diviad (Ghost Tappers).

TELEPOOL, a diversified licensing company with offices in Munich, Zürich, Leipzig and Los Angeles, expands its activities in the games market: The company has acquired 100 percent of the Munich development studio Diviad. Diviad GmbH moved into the rooms of TELEPOOL and was rebranded to Wild River Games GmbH. The new company will bundle all games development and publishing activities of the group, while another TELEPOOL subsidiary, EuroVideo Medien, will continue to handle physical games distribution. Managing directors of the new entity will be Marc Wardenga, previously Head of Games at EuroVideo Medien, and industry veteran Ralf Gronwald (formerly Activision and Disney).

Telepool Logo-für-SMK

This move creates a strong new games industry player, combining sophisticated game development capacities with stellar publishing expertise.

André Druskeit, CEO of TELEPOOL: “Games remains a growth market in which we want to play an even stronger role with the acquisition of Diviad. Additionally, we see increasing synergies with our film business. An exciting example is ‘bayala’, an animated family movie: Our global distributor Global Screen sells the rights internationally, while Wild River Games publishes the corresponding PC and console game simultaneously.”
Marc Wardenga, Co-Managing Director of Wild River Games, adds: “Publishing games will remain our core business, but the creation of internal development resources gives us the opportunity to create games without external partners, an important step towards becoming an internationally successful player.”

Ralf Gronwald, Co-Managing Director of Wild River Games, adds: “The acquisition creates a powerful and efficient games team active in all areas of the market. A great prerequisite for further growth.”

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Ghost Tappers – new Halloween Assets available

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There is a perfect game for celebrating Halloween tomorrow: as a bold agent of the ghost hunting organization S.C.O.T.C.H., smartphone and tablet players hunt ghosts and monsters in the free-to-play idle game Ghost Tappers available for iOS and Android devices. In order to prove their existence to the world and systematically catalogue them, players have to sneak up on the ghosts and snap their picture. Inventive items like “Mocktails” – magical cocktails – as well as animal companions and a fast-tapping finger are helpful along the way.

The spooky yet light-hearted ghost game released by Wild River, the gaming label by EuroVideo Medien GmbH, presents players with a virtually endless array of crazy monsters that humorously reference pop culture and give you something to smile about. What’s more, Ghost Tappers is high on replay value and long term gameplay fun as it awakens your hunting instinct and turns you into a part time ghost hunter.

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