Frequently asked questions

How do i get the latest patch for Nintendo Switch?

Make sure your Nintendo Switch is connected to the Internet, then the latest HORSE CLUB Adventures 2 patch will be downloaded automatically.
If this is not the case you may have deactivated automatic updates on your Nintendo Switch.

In this case you can use the following instruction:

The latest patch version number is 1.0.2

(You can also check that you have the latest patch in game on the start screen. There is a date in the lower right corner which must be 20220923)

Keyboard shortcuts for PC

M Key: Open map,  L Key: Open Quest book, I Key: Open Inventory (You have to own at least one item)

How can i restart a race?

If you want to restart an ongoing race, open the pause menu, select the cog icon and hold the “Restart race” button / key for some time.

How can I achieve better times in the Western races?

You can stop your horse’s sprint at any time by pressing the “Walk” button (ZL). So if you are sprinting towards a sharp turn or a U turn
press ZL to abort the sprint and then ride tightly around the turn.

How do I load a backup save game?

HORSE CLUB Adventures 2 automatically saves up to two backup saves every 20 minutes.
This allows you to go back to an earlier save state if a problem occurs.

To load a backup save you have to do the following:

  • Select the menu item “Choose game”
  • Select the profile you want to load a backup from
  • Select the desired backup save
  • Select “Use old savegame” by holding the button for some time