Frequently asked questions

How do i get the latest patch for Nintendo Switch?

Make sure your Nintendo Switch is connected to the Internet, then the latest Horse Club Adventures patch will be downloaded automatically.
If this is not the case you may have deactivated automatic updates on your Nintendo Switch.

In this case you can use the following instruction:

The latest patch version number is 1.0.4

(You can also check that you have the latest patch in game on the start screen. There is a date in the lower right corner which must be 20210714)

Is there a playable demo?

Yes, there is a playable demo for PC, where you can play the first day of the story. You can download it here.


Some users get a warning message by Windows defender or other anti virus programs.

This warning is only shown because the publisher is “Unkown” for Windows defender. There is definitely no virus on the demo file.

To install the demo in this case, you have to click on “Information” and then on “Run anyway”.

I cannot finish the quest “Go with Lisa to Tori” on Day 7, though i walked into the circle?

In this quest Lisa must also enter the circle. Therefore you might have to go a little bit behind the circle to make Lisa also move inside the circle.